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Termite treatment of white ants in Albury

Eradicate White Ants in your Albury home

Termites, also known as white ants, are all over Australia causing millions of dollars in damage to homes everywhere. The problem is so bad that insurance companies will not cover termite damage in your home. This means that if your house is infested with termites, the cost of having them removed comes out of your own pocket.

Termite control and management is recognised as the most effective way of reducing your long-term risk of infestation. A termite monitoring and interception system is your best defense against these pests and will notify you of their presence. The systems are inspected regularly and as soon as termites become evident, chemicals are added which are specifically designed to kill off the nest.

The right termite treatment for your situation & budget

There are a number of termite treatments available and each depends upon your situation and budget. If you have an existing home, it’s highly recommended that you consider chemical treatments for an existing termite problem. To prevent future infestation, physical and chemical barriers, reticulation systems, or a termite monitoring and interception system are effective and also favoured.

At Albury Wodonga Pest Control, we offer a number of chemical and non-chemical options to rid your home of termites. Chemical options use a piped system that goes around the outside of the house and pumps chemicals (also known as a termite barrier). Termite baiting is another option in which powder is mixed with water. This system kills termites with them taking the bait back to the nest and killing the whole colony. This two-part treatment system treats the established termites and the barrier prevents further attacks.

Our licensed technicians are skilled at assessing your home, inspecting it, and installing a system which will remove termites and prevent them from coming back. Our work is guaranteed and we offer free quotes.

We provide our termite treatment and pest control services in Albury, Wodonga, Walla Walla, Culcairn, Holbrook, Walbundrie, Hume/Murray areas, South East NSW and Northern Victoria.