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Pest Control & Inspection in Albury

For complete pest removal and protection for your home, the methods used by Albury Wodonga Pest Control to eradicate insects will be tailored to you and are guaranteed. We carry a selection of pesticides which may be more suitable to those who are sensitive to chemicals. We can also spray only outside. Speak to your technician about any concerns and a customised plan will be created for you.

We recommend having your home inspected annually. It’s the best protection against a variety of insects and can save from the costly damage they can cause. By being proactive, pests won’t have the opportunity to settle in nor will they be able to ruin your home’s structure.

Household pests, bed bugs or fire ants

Some of our services include removing standard household pests like termites, bird lice, regular lice, ants, fire ants, mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches, spiders (including Redback spiders), fleas, carpet beetles, clothing moths, wood borers, bees, wasps, silverfish, and wood rot. We also remove bed bugs, a pest which has taken up residence in Australia in almost epic proportions. Our licensing allows us to treat insects which require specialised treatment like fire ants.


Our plan to free your home from pests

Each of our friendly professionals has been trained extensively in the field to ensure the best customer service possible. Their knowledge enables them to design a customised plan to free your home from pests and prevent reinfestation. Because of our dedication to your satisfaction, all of our work is guaranteed.